• 2 Designs, Same Xtreme Performance Gear

• Smooth Mouse Glide

• Exquisite Stitched Bindings Craftsmanship

• Anti-Slip Rubber Base



2 Designs, Same Xtreme Performance Gear
Both designs share the same product design concepts utilizing only the finest microfiber material suitable for long gaming sessions. Enjoy silky-smooth mouse gliding with no unwanted resistance.
Smooth Mouse Glide
The optimized premium microfiber material is ideal for both optical and laser-sensor gaming mice.
Exquisite Stitched Bindings Craftsmanship
The design details deliver both style and function. The binding stitch around its perimeter prolongs the mousepad’s lifespan by preventing surface peeling.
Anti-Slip Rubber Base
For a stable Xtreme gaming experience, the anti-slip rubber base at the bottom of the mousepad allows it to stay securely in place.
Material Microfiber
Width x Length 420 x 335 (mm)
16.5 x 13.1 (inch)
Depth 3mm
0.11 inch
Color Black
Lighting Effect N/A
Connector Type N/A
Cable Length N/A
Voltage N/A
Warranty 2 Years