How to Install an M.2 into a PC

How to Install an M.2 into a PC

Posted by Ish on 12th Mar 2021

Step 1.

Gather up all the necessary components and tools needed to perform this task.

⦁PC Desktop

⦁Phillips Screwdriver

⦁M.2 SSD

Step 2.

Ensure your PC is switched off completely and no power is being delivered. Simply unplug the power cord from the wall socket and switch off the power supply. This prevents any residual power from potentially damaging your computer, components and cause loss of any data.

Step 3.

Remove the thumb screws holding the side panel of the case. Remove the side panel to give you access to the motherboard and the M.2 slot on the motherboard.

Note: Some cases do not have thumb screws and instead have regular screws so you will need to use the screwdriver to remove them. Some cases will not come with any thumb screws or regular screws in place either and the side panel is instead held by either magnets or are clipped in place and you will need to refer to the manual for your case to ensure you are removing the side panel properly to prevent any damage from coming to your side panel.

Step 4.

Locate the M.2 slot on your motherboard and ensure the M.2 you have obtained will fit in this slot. Ensure the screw is either in place on the M.2 slot standoff, or locate the screw in your motherboards box.

Note: Depending on whether you are installing your first drive, or your second drive you may use either one of these M.2 slots. If you are adding your second drive, you may need to remove the screws on the heatsink on the M.2 slot to access the second M.2 slot.

Step 5.

Insert the M.2 Solid State Drive into the M.2 slot, make sure the notches in the SSD and the contact points on the M.2 slot line up. Insert the drive at an angle and ensure it is secure in place and lined up with the screw standoff.

Step 6.

Fasten the screw on the M.2 standoff and secure the M.2 in place. Do not overtighten the screw as this could cause damage to the Solid State Drive and the motherboard.

Note: If you are adding a second drive and have removed the heatsink that was covering the M.2 slot, after fastening the screws to secure the M.2 SSD itself you must place the heatsink back and screw the heatsink back in place. Please do not overtighten the heatsink as this could cause major damage to the M.2 Solid State Drive and the motherboard.

Step 7.

Reassemble your case by adding placing the side panel back on and secure it in place with its respective screws (if applicable to you).

Step 8.

Plug the power cord back into the power supply, and switch the power back onto the power supply to complete installation.