XPG Prime ARGB Case Light Strip - 600mm

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XPG PRIME ARGB LED Strip offers stunning PC illumination via an included programmable ARGB controller. Compatible with most major motherboard software, XPG PRIME ARGB LED Strip accessorizes your PC build with more flare. PRESET ARGB LIGHTING Enclosed ARGB Lighting controller is compact and pre-programed with 12 preset ARGB lighting effects. ARGB WITH HIGH COMPATIBILITY XPG PRIME ARGB LED Strip is compatible with various RGB software from major motherboard manufacturers. Lighting can be synchronized with your motherboard’s ARGB effects. MINIMAL INSTALLATION Built-in magnets for quick / temporary attachment to metal surfaces, or with 3M adhesive double-sided tape for permanent bond. FLEXIBLE EXPANDABILITY Can be easily daisy-chained enabling users to extend and lengthen up to 4 strips.
2 Year Limited Warranty