Posted by Ish on 12th Mar 2021

Step 1.Gather up all the necessary components and tools needed to perform this task.⦁PC Desktop⦁Phillips Screwdriver⦁M.2 SSDStep 2.Ensure your PC is switched off completely and no power is being delivered. Simply unplug the power cord from the wall socket and switch off the power supply. This prevents any residual power from potentially damaging your computer, components and cause loss of any data.Step 3.Remove the thumb screws holding the side p… Read more

Posted by Ish on 26th Feb 2021

Step 1.Assemble the necessary tools and components to perform this installation. Phillips screwdriverLaptopM.2 SSDNote: Please ensure your laptop is turned OFF and unplugged from its power adapter to prevent any electrical damage from occurring. Step 2.Unscrew the back plate of the laptopDepending on the model of your laptop, you may need to properly inspect the entire back plate to ensure all screws are removed as different manufacturers have… Read more